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28 December 2012


Goog point Bill. I think that is the same in bank. ING created a new company to manage online banking (ING Direct). It means a different banking culture, different management and as you said different value proposition. And it works very well.

Best wishes

Luciano Caroti

After 12 years as a loyal reader, I'm going to let my Bloomberg Business Week subscription expire. Bloomberg wrecked a great business magazine. It seems like they fired all the great writers/reporters and hired an puerile, over-the-top graphic arts department. The days of objective, insightful analysis on various companies and industries vanished.

"Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) is currently grappling with the same management problem—how to be a successful enterprise supplier and a company that sells PCs, smartphones, and tablets through retail. It’s not doing either one very well. When will tech companies learn?"

So how does GE manage to sell locomotives to "enterprises" and dishwashers through retail? Presumably the author would say it's because these products aren't "tech" (though I wonder if he could explain what makes a PC more "tech" than a locomotive), but as you say I don't think the problem has anything to do with "tech" versus "non-tech." Generally, it is failure to recognize the limitations of one's processes, coupled with too much focus on centralized control and "synergy."

Great point on John Deere - I never would have thought of them. They satisfy the family with a 1000 acre farm, while also keeping my father-in-law happy with his ride on mower. Those are, like you said, two completely different things (although I would argue that many in John Deere have riding lawn mowers!). You can't look at it the same and you can't manage it the same.

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