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09 April 2012


While I approve of the sentiment that all workers, no matter where they are located, deserve to be paid a decent wage, I cannot but decry your over-simplification of currency conversion statistics. From the point of view of a worker in China, what matters is what he or she can buy with what they get paid, not what the international currency rate says you could buy with the US$ equivalent in Calafornia. While I'm no expert, I suspect that 1,800 yuan can buy a lot more in the neighbourhood of Foxconn's factory than $290 can buy in California.

So - good point, poor evidence!

From this article:
"In the lead-up to the release of the Macintosh software in 1984 Jobs bragged in the press that his team was working 90 hours a week. The brag was commemorated in a grey hooded sweatshirt printed with the tagline: 90 Hours A Week And Loving It"
... now where could we get a new batch of sweatshirts printed?


What does "what $290 can buy in California" have to do with anything? The workers are in China, not California. And a decent wage would buy more in China than the present exploitative wages buy in China.

You're using the old "well, they're different than we are" argument in favor of keeping Chinese wages unfairly low.

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