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07 March 2012


By the way, did you notice the book that the guy with shaving foam in his head is reading, Eric Ries' Lean Startup.

No I didn't. Great catch, Panu!

Hi Bill,

I've gone back to college part-time and the focus is on International Entrepreneurship. I've just come out of a lecture on Pricing Strategies and the one line I took away from it was this:

"Price is determined by elements of the market, not by cost"

Now I'm confident, especially after discussions on Lean with her, that my lecturer is aware of but not an expert in Lean Business and TPS. However, you'll recognise the logic immediately from Mr. Ohno's "Workplace Management in relation to his 3 pricing formulae.

Being a "necessary" product, Gillette et al will keep making fools of us until a viable alternative is presented to the consumer. We have the same issue in Ireland. Perhaps the Dollar Shave Club will break the mould.

Further to Panu's observation, the initial still of the video shows the actor leaning against what brand of forklift...?

That was great. It has made my day. I am still laughing as I type. Thanks

Hi Bill,
Oh so true!
The product management model that assumes IP is accumulated by fatuous features, as distinct from benefits, advertising are over.
However, it is hard to condemn Gillette for milking the last of the glory days, but they are about to end.

The high cost of replacement blades has always been a pet peeve of mine. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on a free case of Schick blades 10 years ago, and I am still using them.

Dollar Shave Club has the chance to be a great disruptive force. I wish them luck.

By the way Bill, creating a website and producing a video fall under "advertising/marketing." Isn't that wasteful?

Love the blog post. So easy to get on board with lean and waste reduction when you relate it to those ridiculously priced razor blades.

The video was awesome too. I didn't think it was a real company until I checked out the website. I'd definitely support a company that's trying to save their customer's money and has a sense of humor.

It seems these guys are better at marketing than operations.


There are reports that their viral video led to so many orders that they got completely overwhelmed and customers are angry about the delays in getting anything shipped to them.

Interesting article here at Harvard Business Review on how P&G are disrupting their own high-price products in India with a simpler, cheaper product made locally and distributed theough small retailers. Maybe they're not as slow off the mark as others suggest...


I still use Gillette Mach II - tbh, all the otherones just look the same, bar some new design features, and the shave with the old Mach II ones is very close.. Why would I want to get any closer? I'd just look like a baby!

Now, if they were in the market making condoms..

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