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18 January 2012


My favorite? There's a sewing machine manufacturer who shall remain nameless (but their initials are Union Special) that offers a 5 week training course for sewing machine mechanics. Try as I may, after numerous times of emailing them for information on the course, I get no response. My husband on the other hand, gets a response within hours.

Check out the article in today's NYT on Apple/Foxconn manufacturing in China.

They quote Apple executives as asserting that Foxconn requires 8700 "industrial engineers" to support their assembly process. Question for you and Kevin and other here: does this make any sense?? Based on your experience, would anything like 8700 actual *engineers* be required, or is it more likely that this number includes shift supervisors, setup met, purchasing agents, and the like?

Aw, geez...I agree with every word Bill says here. Either he's slipping or I am.

Good post.

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