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13 August 2011


Dishonest or Dumb? Both.

Seems to me the Feds are trying to say, "We only spend $X amount on things from China". They hope we will then think that the rest of our money is spent on American goods and we will therefore conclude that American business is doing OK.

By the way, in your example you infer that each American household spends the entire $67,000. If we don't spend the entire $67,000 then the percent per household that goes to China would be higher.

On the other hand if we assume there are more than one person per household, the Fed numbers could be correct. The Feds could have factored in every man, woman and child (and Pet) in their calculations.....

Still your point is well made.

And do we think US business is the least bit upset that these numbers might be understated?

I'll let you draw your own conclusions from your answer.

(And for those of you who might answer, "Well, the Democrats are just as much in Big Business' pocket as are the Republicans!", my response would be "Duh!" as the kids say.)

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