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17 July 2011


Skechers is mistakenly mentioned 5 times as "Sketchers".


Thanks Robert - I fixed them. Spellcheck can be more of a curse than a blessing when I don't keep an eye on it:)


Love the blog, but my finger is poised over the delete key on the RSS feed and will fall very heavily unless you take back the utter rubbish about 'real football'.

You do know that we invented baseball here in England? We will not hesitate to take it back if you are not careful in future.


Rob ... I'll give you baseball, but you gotta agree when you said a soccer player could pick up the ball if he wanted to, but the other guy could bash the bejeezus out of him when he did and rugby was created, the game went to another level all together. I have to believe that we Americans took it up even another notch when we said, 'why stop at just bashing the guy with the ball?' Let's let everyone bash each other all the time.

Regardless, we should all agree that football (either your brand or ours) and rugby (whether league or union) are performed on such a higher plane of human endeavor that ownership of cricket or baseball - or whether anyone bothers to play them at all - is insignificant. (and I say that with all of the respect in the world for my Indian friends).

I wonder if the decision is based on the cost of unloading and distribution on the East coast versus Houston... A little graft, "shrinkage" and union "efficiency" would easily make it a better decision to shift to Houston.

Jeff makes a good point. I wonder how the unions affect these supply chain decisions. Although, I think there are plenty of unions in California.

Hi Bill,

I read the article but I'm not clear on how you derived your map of Skechers. I would be shocked if Skechers were shipping everything via truck from LA to the East Coast rather than what you suggest...linehauling it to a main gateway (like Chicago) via rail and then draying or crossdocking it to the final destination via truck.


They may well be trucking cross country to a single point then cross docking from there. If so, why do you suppose they are unloading containers in Cali to go into a warehouse, then loading onto trucks for cross country shipment, then breaking up the loads in Chicago, then shipping to final destinations?

It would make far more sense to offload the container onto a train and haul it to Chicago (Rochelle really because nobody wants to take freight into Chicago unless that is the final destination) and putting it into a DC there - or better yet shipping directly to end customers from there.

The out of a container into a California warehouse then into a truck creates waste no matter what the do to get the freight to the east, when the same freight in the same container could simply go straight east without the stop in Cali. If the reason is because a fourth of the freight stays on the west coast so they have to unload it all to sort of the 25% that has to stay their supply chain is truly a mess.

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