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19 April 2011


Love the chart, we have a very similarly shapped one that shows the number of pages in our operations MI "dashboard", currently running at well over 1100 "killer KPI's". This is of course all the more perverse as the point of MI is to make things clear.

Any thoughts on how to apply the Pareto principle to that problem would be more than welcome.


I've thought for years that a flat tax for all - one that would be flexible in its rate depending upon our country's circumstances (war, economy, etc.) - would be fair, less complicated, and less wasteful, but the special interests and lobbyists wouldn't stand for it. They, unfortunately, are the ones who tell the politicians what to do, with a little "incentive," of course. We as voters have significantly less influence.

Kevin, the bigger problem is keeping the tax code simpler -- it was simplified in 1986, and now look at it. After all, if politicians can't continually screw around and mess things up, how do they justify their existence? (One plus for Texas over California: the Texas legislature meets much less often, so there's less time for them to make mischief)

BTW, the Washington Examiner has a columnist dedicated to pointing out corporate welfare (Timothy Carney IIRC), which is a major contributor to this mess.

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