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24 January 2011


Excellent! As somebody trying to apply Lean outside of manufacturing, I'm often trying to extract the invisibles from the visible things mentioned in books. This book sounds like just the thing, and my copy's now on the way. Thanks!

Hi Bill, thanks for your book suggestion. I like it Lean can be explained differently. I like to practice it myself. I've been asked to help production to improve. So I can use all the help I can get.

(Twitter Jos_de_Jong)
- Jos de Jong

Dear Bill
I have read 'Toyota Kata' a while back and I agree with you fully, it is an excellent book! I have also just read your 'Simple Excellence' and need to thank you for it. It is different from the other books and, like me, fairly blunt and to the point! Most excellent!
I believe one can learn much from others and I found the whole McGraw-Hill series of books on Toyota rather educational! Each one added to the total picture of how a really LEAN enterprise should look like.
Thanks for a tremendous blog!

I agree - it is a must read. Although I use different language, Mike's articulation much mirrors my own beliefs and practices in lean. I like how it's framed in this book and have encouraged many people recently to read it.

You are right. It is excellent and a great step forward I'm implementing in our organizations. I am implementing agile project manaagemt
In our organization and this books aligns so well with that and provides the bigger philosophical undertaking to agile and scrum project management.

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