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03 November 2009


Great post but there is more as well... I regularly use Ritz Carlton as examples of how Lean is so compatible with a Service Excellence culture.

Back in the old days Cesar Ritz used to make sure his hotel rooms were painted white so he could check they were OK with a quick glance... Visual Management 40 years before Ohno.

They run SMED exercises... videoing how they set up for a conference and then sitting down with the team to see how they might eliminate some of the waste so they can set up more quickly next time.

And they are constantly on the lookout for "Mr Biv". Mistakes, Rework, Breakdowns, Inefficiences and Variations in standard processes... not quite the 7 wastes but a pretty sound base...

There is lots more that they do that has a real link to Lean Thinking and many more fantastic stories...

I'm currently working with a small hotel and using R-C as an ispiration for how they can improve the operation.

If you get that sponsorship let me know and I'll give you a hand with your bags :-)

I really enjoyed that post for the self reflection. Training, empowerment, and trust. In that order is works as a system to change culture.
I takes a very long time and that is summarized well by Jon Miller in a formula for sustainability, a measure of culture change effectiveness.

My family and I had a chance (and it was sponsored!) to stay at a Ritz when my daughter was only a few months old.
Most hotels have the crib set-up when you're coming with an infant. At the Ritz we had a bag of goodies waiting just for the baby, a diaper, small package of wipes, etc, but also some fairly valuable stuff, a good quality LED night light, and an inflatable cover for the bath tub spout, both of which... we are still using a year later at home!
Nice to know that was probably the staff's initiative and probably not the manager's.

Pretty incredible. Meanwhile how many of us have spending limits, even as experienced managers and executives, that preclude us from creating exceptional service.

I used to work for the Ritz-Carlton and every bit of the article is true. What a fantastic company and culture!!

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