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12 November 2008



Our company specializes in ergonomics, and we host the world's largest discussion forum on the topic. Stand-up work and the treadmill concept have been topics of interest recently. There are two threads directly related to your recent posts:

Looking for Tips for Workers New to Sit/Stand Workstations

What are the ergonomic pros and cons of a walking (tread mill) workstation

We have a lot more info on the topic if interested.

And by the way, I have an adjustable desk that goes from a seated workstation arrangement to a standing arrangement. I enjoy standing for many of the reasons you've stated (and I've remained standing since you issues your challenge).

This is a great idea. I hardly ever sit at my desk anyways.

Here's an example of not-so excellence: I purchased a retail display fixture I plan on repurposing as a stand-up desk but I can't get it in my office without taking the door off the hinges.

Hi! I stumbled across your post after taking the plunge about 3 weeks ago. I thought maybe it was just in my mind, but I feel 10 times better and I swear I've lost weight (haven't weighed myself--too scared to be disappointed!). I also think it's made my daily workouts more productive. I am curious about statistics. How many more calories can you burn, on average, by standing rather than sitting.

I'm a true convert!

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