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03 November 2008


Sounds intriguing. I'm not quite with you yet, but I'm looking forward to hearing your experience with standing up in a few months.

I spend hours a day at the computer. I have used a kneeler chair for more than ten years and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Many hospital labs are converting to "Lean" cellular layouts where staff members stand and move a bit instead of being parked at a chair (where batches accumulate) or constantly getting up and down (which isn't good ergonomically, either).

It's often a fight for people to accept the standing... as much a change management issue as it is a perceived physiological issue.

A point not mentioned anywhere, what happens if you have a 'bad' back?
If I stand for more than 15 minutes I suffer for two days with intense pain.
Obviously there must be an alternative?
In the mean time I do make a point to ger up as often as necessary because I am still OK walking and I do want to see what is happening.

Hi Lood, I asked this same company Kevin is speaking about the same question... and they explained that in these cases they do provide chairs for their workers. I also saw bar stool looking chairs in some places for people to 'take a load off' from time to time.

I use a sit/stand desk and love it.
Steelcase sells a variety of commercial models http://store.steelcase.com/go/products/category/Desks

And used to sell the adjustable height Wilkhahn Stitz stool which is great for leaning rather than sitting.


I read the article on 37signals and have been standing for over 6 months. Its been good. A coworker saw me doing it, and started doing it as well. Everything is going well.

Another interesting option is the walking desk. I got curious and bought a cheap used treadmill on Craigslist and then built a simple laptop stand for it. First thing in the morning, I would set the treadmill at about 2 mph and do a couple miles of email.

I definitely enjoyed the experience. When I needed to concentrate completely, as when coding, I would usually stop the belt. But for lighter tasks, it was very pleasant. I suspect it also affected the way I worked positively, but that's a little hard to judge.

Unfortunately, the treadmill I selected was relatively noisy, in a way that I eventually found grating for long periods. I eventually stopped using it. But I still think the idea is a workable one, and I encourage your experiments with the standing desk.

Gr8, Loved the Idea. In fact this I have seen in assembly line of no. of Organisations in India too. Of course they have seen the same in Japan. Yes, office i have not seen any where. Would like to no more on this.

I thought Churchill for saying "Never stand up if you can sit down; never sit down if you can lie down." He used to work primarily in bed and in the bath.

In Switzerland they have special standing desks with special unstable mats that help you to keep moving while standing... They even use them in school classes. Quite expensive, but an interesting concept. See http://www.kybun.com

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