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16 May 2007


Good for you Kevin. Always good to see someone who doesn't believe they have to conform to one of the two major parties. And you're right - whoever we support we should tell them about lean.

Kudos to both you and Karen. Time to start writing.

Kevin - Apropos of your comments about how our political consciousness was formed -- Imagine you were in college in the 1960s seeing friends go to Viet Nam and knowing how clueless the government was, as it wasted the lives of Americans and Asians, no matter what protesting went on. It didn't stop until our parents were finally persuaded and Congress scented the tipping point. Then goodbye Agnew. Goodbye Nixon. Then imagine coming into your full adulthood and seeing nothing of quality occur in our national leadership. Then imagine seeing someone who spent the 60s at frat house drinkfests become the President of the United States and waste the lives of young Americans and Middle Easterners.

Actually I agree with you that our blogs are not about politics - or we would have started up political blogs.

But what if we found a way to get lean and the potential of manufacturing onto the national agenda? (Not in the NAM woe-is-us message.) What if it were on the list of debate questions? What if that at least forced candidates to try to learn something?

So I'm glad you sent your words and mine to Bloomberg. I think every reader of our blogs should send the same message to their candidates of choice. It's not politics -- it's education.

Oops - do you think Congress "scented" the tipping point, or "sensed" it? Worth pondering.

I was thinking about this whole conversation and it dawned upon me that so many ebelive that values are just arbitrary. A new book that serves as a rebuttal to Richard Dawkin’s, The God Delusion, and other books against religion is Adults Only (Bernard Hanan and Co. Publishers). This book offers scientific proof to the fact that the human being has a distinct soul and thus has a special moral imperative and questions whether morality is possible without religion. It also proves that there is an absolute ethical standard. You can't make up your own values. I found the title to be provocative and realize that the point is to reinstate adulthood as a concept of morality. This book is very comprehensive and is exceedingly logical. It covers everything from scientifically disproving atheism to delving into themes of human sexuality. The author, IC Fingerer, is a rabbi and bioethicist. It can be ordered from Barnes and Noble or from www.thebookforadults.com.

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